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X-ray Metrology with Synchrotron Radiation

Department 7.2


Application of synchrotron radiation especially in the X-ray range for basic and applied metrological tasks with main focus on radiometry, spectroscopy and nanometrology:


Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are nanometer-sized cell-derived particles in body fluids and can be used as potential biomarkers for diseases such as cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. EVs gained a lot of interest as they are released from all cell types and their biochemical composition, concentration and function are disease-dependent...

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The optical constants fully describe how a material transmits, reflects, absorbs, refracts or scatters light. Their precise knowledge is therefore of central importance for optical technology. As part of the European joint projects "Advanced Traceable Metrology for Optical Constants" (ATMOC) and "14 Angstrom CMOS IC technology" (14ACMOS), PTB has started to build up a database of optical constants...

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Reconstructing the spatial electron density of atomic systems not only provides new insights into quantum mechanics, but also advances in areas such as material science and functional surfaces. In the photoelectric effect, photoelectrons are emitted through interaction with light...

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