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X-ray Metrology with Synchrotron Radiation

Department 7.2



Application of synchrotron radiation especially in the X-ray range for basic and applied metrological tasks with main focus on radiometry, spectroscopy and nanometrology:



On October 22 and 23, 2019, the 313th PTB Seminar "VUV and EUV Metrology" took place in PTB's Hermann-von-Helmholtz building. At this workshop, by now the fifth arranged in a regular bi-annual cycle, 107 participants from research and metrology institutes as well as from industry discussed the newest developments and results in the field of applying radiation in the extreme- and vacuum-ultraviolet...

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In cooperation with the Helmholtz-Center, Berlin, and the Tsinghua University, Beijing, a so-called proof of principle experiment towards Steady State Micro Bunching (SSMB) was successfully performed at the Metrology Light Source (MLS), the electron storage ring of PTB in Berlin-Adlershof. It could be proven that approximately one µm long structures created within a stored electron bunch of a few...

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The announcement made by the large semiconductor manufacturers Samsung and TSMC in autumn 2018 that they are going to use EUV lithography for the manufacturing of high-end processors marks the commercial breakthrough of this technology after a long development phase. PTB has contributed to this development in metrological matters through its work at the synchrotron radiation sources BESSY II and...

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