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EUV Radiometry

Working Group 7.12


Proben und Detektormechanik vom Ellipsometer

The working group EUV-Radiometry develops metrology for the characterization of optical components and radiation detectors and the measurement of material properties of materials in the spectral range from 1 nm to 40 nm. The investigations cover optical components for the semiconductor lithography in the EUV spectral range and the development of EUV scattering methods for the characterization of nano-structured surfaces. The group uses two monochromator beamlines at the storage rings BESSY II and MLS. It operates a large EUV reflectometer for large optical components like EUV collector mirrors for plasma sources and an EUV Ellipso-Scatterometer (see picture) for the measurement of reflection and scattering under arbitrary polarization conditions.

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  • Methods for the characterization of nano-structured surfaces by EUV scattering
  • “at-wavelength“ characterization for EUV optical components
  • Characterization of surface and interface roughness of multilayer mirrors by diffuse EUV scattering
  • Support of partners from industry and science with metrological capabilities and know-how within joint research projects
  • Lifetime investigations at optical components and radiation detectors

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The following calibrations according to the Initiates file downloadquality management handbook of PTB division 7 are performed in the working group 7.12:

  • spectral responsivity of radiation detectors with traceability to cryogenic radiometer
  • spectral reflectance and transmittance
  • spectral detection efficiency for photons (energy dispersive X-ray detectors

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