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Radiometry with Synchrotron Radiation

Department 7.1


Initiates file downloadApplication of synchrotron radiation in the UV, EUV, VUV, and X-ray spectral range at the electron storage rings Metrology Light Source (MLS) and BESSY II for basic and applied metrological tasks with main focus on radiometry:


Die zunehmende Komplexität von nano-strukturierten Oberflächen bei technologischen Anwendungen ist eine enorme Herausforderung auch für deren metrologische Charakterisierung. Besonders in der Halbleiterindustrie sind hochkomplexe und mehrdimensionale Nanostrukturen, die aus unterschiedlichen Materialien zusammengesetzt sind, von großer Bedeutung. Im PTB-Laboratorium am Elektronenspeicherring BESSY...

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PTB and ASML are putting a new test beamline into operation at BESSY


Increasing miniaturization in the microelectronic sector has created inevitable facts: In the future, structures on microchips and on other components will have to be manufactured by means of lithography in the EUV range, which means using extremely short wavelengths of just 13.5 nm. For test measurements, the...

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Fundamental material parameters such as the interaction cross sections used to describe the interaction of matter with radiation are very important, both for fundamental research and for diagnostic and analytical applications. In collaboration with Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg im Breisgau, interaction cross sections for the photoionization of noble gases in the VUV spectral range have recently been...

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