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ICRU Committee on Radon Measurements and Reporting of Radon Exposures meets at PTB


The international working group, consisting of 9 members, for the elaboration of an ICRU Report with regard to the topic of radon measurements met at PTB in April 2012. This report is to provide worldwide harmonized quality standards for radon measurements (Rn-222 and Rn-220, and their respective progeny) as well as for the handling of exposure determinations, up to a harmonized dosimetry system. The report is expected to be published in 2013/2014.

This ICRU Committee was founded in 2011 and is of particular importance, especially for the Europeans: with the European "COUNCIL DIRECTIVE laying down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation" (EU BESS), radon measurement is becoming a legal task for the first time and the ICRU report thus becomes a metrological basis for the transposition of this directive into national law.