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Biological radiation effects

Working Group 6.54


The working group provides well-defined radiation fields with protons, α particles und neutrons for radiobiological experiments and investigates the radiation response of living cells. Apart from the radiobiological research using charged-particle microbeam, the response of cells to neutron irradiation is investigated. The working group also operates an apparatus for the measurement of W-values that are of fundamental importance for the clinical dosimetry in particle. Furthermore, the working group provides measurement facilities with ions for applications in the field of nuclear astrophysics and space mission as well as for the investigation of electronic circuits and detectors.

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The operation and further development of the microbeam with protons, deuterons and α particles is one of the main objectives of the working group. The microbeam is especially well suited for the investigation of the primary mechanisms of cellular damages as it enables the selective irradiation of a single cell nucleus with single or selected numbers of particles. In cooperation with DSMZ and University of Düsseldorf, the method of ²live cell imaging² is therefore being applied for the study of the temporal development of repair mechanisms in living cells since 2009. Furthermore, the working group is engaged in the measurement of the W-values of gases of dosimetric relevance for ions.

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  • Generation and characterization of radiation fields for radiobiological experiments with protons, deuterons, α particles and neutrons
  • Implementation of radiobiological experiments with external partners

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