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Radiation effects

Department 6.5


Department 6.5 "Radiation effects" investigates the whole chain of the processes that are, starting from the elementary interactions between ionizing radiation in matter up to the formation of a biological effect, relevant for radiation damages to tissue. For this purpose, Working group 6.51 characterizes the radiation response quantitatively at multiple structural levels. Working group 6.52 develops and operates instruments for the measurement of the spatial distribution of ionization events on nanometer scale. The development and application of Monte Carlo methods for the simulation of radiation induced processes is a core competence of Working group 6.53. Working group 6.54 provides well-defined radiation fields for radiobiological experiments and studies the radiation response of living cells using micro ion beam.

  • Investigation of the dependence of physical radiation effects on the aggregation state
  • Direct detection of radiation-induced damage to nanometric structures based on DNA molecules by means of impedance spectroscopy
  • Development and study of detectors for the characterization of track structures of ionizing radiation in nanometric volumes
  • Imaging with fast neutrons: instrumentation and applications
  • Simulation of track structures using Monte-Carlo method
  • Modeling of biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Generation and characterization of radiation fields for radiobiological experiments with protons, deuterons and α-particles
  • Operation and further development of ion microbeam of protons, deuterons and α‑particles

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