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Irradiation of personal dosemeters in reference fields of neutron radionuclide sources

PTB offers irradiations of personal neutron dosemeters with radionuclide neutron sources in accordance with the international standards ISO 8529, parts 1 - 3. Irradiations of personal neutron dosemeters are performed on an ISO water phantom or on a PMMA phantom. The following neutron reference fields are available:

  • 252Cf
  • 252Cf(D2O moderated, 1 mm Cd)
  • 252Cf(D2O moderated)
  • 241Am-Be(α,n)
  • Workplace field: 252Cf behind a shadow cone
  • Workplace field: 252Cf(D2O moderated) behind a shadow block
  • Workplace field: 252Cf(D2O moderated, 1 mm Cd) behind a shadow block

PTB also operates a thermal neutron reference field.

The measurement results are compiled in a test report. The measurand is the personal dose equivalent Hp(10). Irradiations with respect to the neutron fluence rate are also possible. These services are provided in accordance with the quality assurance system of PTB. The fees are fixed in accordance with the regulations governing charges for services rendered by the PTB.

In case of questions or interrest in irradiations please contact the Working Group (Opens window for sending emailneutronendosimetrie(at)ptb.de).