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Irradiations and Calibrations

PTB offers the determination of the response of neutron measuring instruments as a service. Reference quantities may be the neutron fluence Φ, or the ambient dose equivalent H*(10), or the personal dose equivalent Hp(10). The dose equivalent quantities are calculated from the spectral fluence. The conditions of the calibration - e.g. the required neutron energies, the fluence rates, the target distances, etc. - are adapted to the individual properties of the devices in agreement with the customer. Before an order is placed, a consultation is offered free of charge.

The table below gives a survey of the characteristics of the calibration fields which are most important for the user.

                   Mono-energetic neutron fields at the accelerator facility PIAF

mSv h-1
7Li (p,n) 7Be 0.024 0.010 Li 2.5•102 6.4 0.02
7Li (p,n) 7Be 0.144 0.015 Li 7.1•102 2.8 0.34
7Li (p,n) 7Be 0.250 0.012 Li 3.5•102 5.4 0.26
7Li (p,n) 7Be 0.565 0.009 Li 1.6•103 1.6 2.0
3H (p,n) 3He 1.2 0.108 Ti(T) 2.0•103 3.1 3.1
3H (p,n) 3He 2.5 0.127 Ti(T) 4.9•103 1.4 7.3
2H (p,n) 3He 5.0 0.200 D2-Gas 5.2•103 <1.0 7.5
2H (p,n) 3He 8.0 0.200 D2-Gas 1.9•104 <1.0 27.5
3H (d,n) 4He 14.8 0.431 Ti(T) 1.3•104 3.0 24.3
3H (d,n) 4He 19.0 0.300 Ti(T) 8.5•102 1.2 1.8

<En> and ΔEn are the mean energy and the width of the distribution of the mono-energetic neutrons. The maximum fluence rates and the ambient dose equivalent rates at a distance of 1 m from the production target are designated with (dΦ/dt) and (dH*(10)/dt). (Φsc/Φ) designates the fraction which the neutrons scattered in the target have in the total fluence.

For these services, fees in accordance with the Regulations Governing Charges for Services supplied by PTB (KVONL) will be charged in the form of a lump sum of € 520 for one user hour (as of August 2013). This sum covers the total work expended. In special cases, an invoice according to the time expenses is also possible.

For detector investigations and experiments in the field of research, EU-financed user support is available if the requirements with regard contents of the work are met.

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