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Technical data 2 MV - Tandetron

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Tandem accelerators make very efficient use of the accelerator voltage. Initially, negative ions are accelerated towards the middle of the machine (positive electrode), where they are changed into positive ions by means of a special technique. These positive ions are then accelerated once more towards the end of the machine using the same accelerator voltage.

ManufacturerHigh Voltage Engineering Europa B.V./Niederlande, Amersfoord
Type2 Megavolt (MV)  „T“ shaped – tandetron
Terminal voltage
0.1 – 2.0 MV
Ion energy
0.2 MeV – 4.0 MeV
Deuterons0.2 MeV – 4.0 MeV
Helium0.8 MeV – 6.0 MeV
Max. pulsrate2.5 Mhz
Beam current at target position2 – 50 µA DC

Tandem accelerator

Low-energy beam line