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Ion accelerators

Working Group 6.41


The working group ‚Ion accelerators‘ is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and further development of the accelerator facility of the department.

The operators, technicians, and engineers are in charge of the two accelerators and the technical equipment of the beam guide system.

The 3.75 MeV Van de Graaff accelerator was shut down at the beginning of 2016. A 2 MV tandetron is being installed to replace it.

The variable-energy cyclotron is another key element of the facility.

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Development of electronic and mechanic components (slit systems, cups, pickups, lens systems) for accelerator facilities.

Slit system

Beam stop (top), Beam pickup (bottom)

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The working group supports external users with the performance of experiments, e.g., by modification of the beam line system or special target constructions.

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