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Neutron Radiation

Department 6.4


The Department “Neutron Radiation” has as its main tasks the metrology, spectrometry, and dosimetry of neutron radiation. To accomplish these tasks, we provide reference fields, detectors, and methods of data analysis for traceable measurements of neutron radiation; in addition, we are also involved in new developments in these areas. We are active in many fields, including radiation protection, medicine, and energy. We provide support for fundamental research, science, and industry with challenging measurements carried out at our own facilities and at the facilities of customers and with advice on questions concerning measurements of neutron radiation and their radiological evaluation.

The activities of the Department focus on:

  • the realization and dissemination of radiation protection units for neutron radiation and of the unit for the fluence of neutrons
  • neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry at workplaces, in medicine, and in the environment
  • intercomparison measurements and calibrations for personal neutron dosemeters, among others for the legal dosimetry services in Germany

To carry out our duties, we operate the accelerator facility PIAF (PTB Ion Accelerator Facility) and an irradiation facility with neutron sources, both of which are also available to external customers.

To support the use of PIAF by external groups, the Department participates in several 'Transnational Access' programs funded by the EU.

The accelerators are also used to generate radiation fields with high-energy photons and ion microbeams.

We carry out research and development projects, some of them externally funded, in the following areas:

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