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Detectors on the reference measuring site for environmental radiation

Different detector systems are used to measure the dose rate of the single components.

Charged particles and photon radiation are detected with ionization chambers or proportional counters. This is performed with four FHZ600A proportional counters accommodated on the field and in the measurement house, and one type FHT191N medium-pressure ionization chamber accommodated in the measurement house. The dose of the neutron component is determined with the aid of the NM500 and NM500X neutron detectors. The difference between type NM500X and type NM500 is that type NM500X is equipped with an additional lead insert of approx. 1 cm in thickness. This causes an increased response for high-energy neutrons. The myon component of cosmic radiation is determined with the MUDOS myon detector developed at PTB.

Depending on the measurement task, a H*(10) ionization chamber, a Reuter-Stokes high-pressure ionization chamber, a radon monitor, a tissue-equivalent proportional counter (TEPC) or the neutron monitor WENDI are operated in addition in the measurement house.

Parallel to the measurements of PTB, the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) operates an IMIS measuring probe for determination of the area dose rate in the natural environment.

In addition to ionizing radiation, the climatic parameters air pressure, air temperature, air humidity, wind direction, wind strength and global radiation are determined by a meteorological station on the measuring surface.

Air temperature, air pressure and relative air humidity are additionally measured inside the air-conditioned measurement house.

Detector Type Radiation Use
FHZ600A Proportional counter Photons, electrons, myons permanent
FHT191N Mean-pressure ionization chamber Photons, electrons, myons permanent
NM500 Neutron monitor Neutrons permanent
NM500X Neutron monitor Neutrons permanent
MUDOS Myon detector Myons permanent
H*(10) Ionization chamber Photons, electrons, myons temporary
WENDI Neutron monitor Neutrons temporary
TEPC Tissue-equivalent proportional counter Photons, electrons, myons, neutrons temporary
ATMOS  Radon monitor Alpha temporary
RSS High-pressure ionization chamber Photons, electrons, myons temporary

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