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Reference measuring site for environmental radiation

To characterize dosemeters with respect to natural ionizing radiation, PTB in Braunschweig has established a reference measuring site for environmental radiation. This site is used to permanently determine and record the single components (photons, electrons, myons and neutrons) of natural environmental radiation. The measurements performed allow, for example, the influence of precipitation, atmospheric temperature and air pressure on the natural radiation field to be investigated. This knowledge is used to characterize radiation detectors of other facilities in the field of environmental radiation.

The reference measuring site is located in the southern part of the PTB premises in Braunschweig. In the WGS84 coordinate system, this corresponds to the position 52,29° N, 10,46° E and an altitude of 85 m. The measuring site consists of a plane area (approx. 50 m x 50 m) covered with grass and a wooden house constructed on this area with a base of approx. 16 m2. In particular detectors which are not weather-proof can be safely accommodated in the air-conditioned wooden house.

The existing measuring devices for terrestrial radiation and cosmic radiation can be traced back to the primary standards of PTB.

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