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Dosimetry in pulsed photon radiation fields

Dosimetry in pulsed photon radiation fields

The current type testing does not include the examination of the suitability of the dosemeter for measurements in pulsed radiation fields. Therefore, the following note has to be included in the instructions of use and in the type approval:

Im Rahmen der Bauartzulassung wurde nicht die Eignung des Dosimeters für Messungen in gepulsten Strahlungsfeldern geprüft. Es kann daher nicht ausgeschlossen werden, dass das Dosimeter in gepulsten Strahlungsfeldern falsche Messwerte anzeigt.

Further information: Initiates file downloadProblematik bei Messungen in gepulsten Photonen-Strahlungsfeldern. Types of area and individual dosemeters for photon radiation, which are to be verified, must have been approved by PTB. Department 6.3 carries out tests only with regard to the new quantities in radiation protection.

The PTB has put an Opens internal link in current windowX-ray facility for the generation of pulsed photon radiation into operation, which is now available for testing and calibration measurements.

Acquisition lists for measurements and studies about electronic personal dosemeters in pulsed photon radiaiton fields:

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