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Calibration of ionization chambers and of area and individual dosemeters using photon and beta radiation

All irradiations are carried out in compliance with the relevant ISO standards (ISO Standard 6980 for beta radiation and ISO Standards 4037 and 18090-1 for photon radiation).

Measuring instruments:

Detectors with or without readout device:
for example ionization chambers and Hp(10)- secondary chamber for photon radiation, flat ionization chamber for beta radiation
Detectors with readout device:
for example scintillation detectors, counting tubes, semiconductor detectors

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phone: +49 (0) 531-592-6340

phone: +49 (0) 531-592-6310

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Quantities for dosemeters:

  • H*(10) and Hp(10) for photon radiation;
  • H'(0,07) and Hp(0,07) for photon and beta radiation.

Quantities for dose rate meters:

  • d[H*(10)]/dt   for photon radiation;
  • d[H'(0,07)]/dt   for photon and beta radiation.

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Radiation qualities:

  • X-radiation of the DIN A-, B- and C-series (ISO N-, W- and H-series), from 8 keV to 250 keV;
  • gamma radiation from S-Co (Co-60) and S-Cs (Cs-137);
  • accelerator photon radiation of R-C (4.4 MeV) and R-F (6-7 MeV);
  • beta radiation of the C-14, Pm-147, TI-204, Kr-85, Sr-90/Y-90, Rt-106/Rh-106 isotopes.

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Dose and dose rate ranges:

  • beta radiation:
    dose range: 2 µGy bis 10 Gy;
    dose rate range: 0,2 mGy/h bis 0,5 Gy/h;
  • photon radiation (depending on irradiation facility):
    dose range: 0,1 µSv to 100 Sv;
    dose rate range: 0,1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h.

Phantoms for the irradiation of individual dosemeters are the ISO water slab phantom and the ISO PMMA rod phantom.

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