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Current measuring quantities in radiation protection

With the amendment of the Radiation Protection laws in 2001, the current phantom based quantities in radiation protection have been introduced in Germany.

A poster made out at PTB represents the relations in a simple way.

Additional information on this topic is given in

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Conversion coefficients from the basic quantities (air kerma, absorbed dose and fluence) of the different types of radiation to the actual quantities:



  • Conversion coefficients for standardized radiation qualities for photons

1.       ISO-Norm 4037-3

2.       Ankerhold, U.:
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Air kerma to Hp(3) conversion coefficients for a new cylinder phantom for photon reference radiation qualities,
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5.       R. Behrens:
Conversion coefficients for H'(3) for photons
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  • Conversion coefficients for standardized radiation qualities for electrons

1.       ISO-Norm 6980-3

2.       R. Behrens:
Correction factors for the ISO rod phantom, a cylinder phantom, and the ICRU sphere for reference beta radiation fields of the BSS 2
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  • Conversion coefficients for standardized radiation qualities and special monoenergetic neutrons:

1.       ISO-Norm 8529-3