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Measuring Stations for Radiation Protection

Working Group 6.35


The main task of the Working Group is the development, maintenance and repair of the measurement facilities belonging to Department 6.3. This includes the versioned development of software used to control the highly automated measurement facilities, the secure acquisition of data and the efficient data processing inside the digital workflow.

Special electronic components are being developed for the Department's irradiation facilities as well as for radiation protection detector technology. This includes sophisticated and high‑precision electronics for stationary and mobile use.

Mechanical components are designed and manufactured in 2D and 3D using various machining processes within the Department and when required in close cooperation with the main workshop.

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  • Technical support of the measuring stations and irradiation facilities in the Department

    • Installation, maintenance and repair
    • Optimization, customization and life cycle management
    • Support of QM measures
    • Technical support and customizations for special measurement needs

  • Manufacture and design of mechanical components and 3D printing
  • Technical support of the (built under license) beta secondary standard 2
  • Support and administration of data processing systems and server applications
  • Infrastructure tasks

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