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Dosimetry for Brachytherapy and Beta Radiation Protection

Working Group 6.34


The tasks of the Working Group are resumed in the following topics:

  • Realization and dissemination of the units of Reference Air Kerma Rate (RAKR) and absorbed dose to water, Dw, for photon brachytherapy sources.
    Brachytherapy (Greek: brachys = close) is a method of radiation therapy where one or several small radiation sources - almost exclusively radionuclide sources - are placed either very close to, or in contact with, or directly into the tumour.
  • Realization and dissemination of the phantom related measuring quantities for beta radiation protection. Realization of comparison measurements corresponding to the guide line.
  • Research and committee work in these fields.

For the achievement of the tasks the Working Group operates

  • two primary standards (one extrapolation chamber for low energy photon radiation and one for beta radiation),
  • a secondary standard for beta radiation which forms an irradiation facility and which is available commercially (BSS 2) and
  • several secondary standards as ionisation chambers.

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  • CCRI webinar on 'Latest developments in beta-radition metrology'
  • As PDF on BIPM's website as well as video on YouTube
  • Co-operation in the series of standards ISO 6980
  • Standardisation and committee work for the dosimetry for clinical brachytherapy: DIN 6803
  • Calendar

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