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Dosimetry at Low Dose Rates

Working Group 6.32


Working Group 6.32 investigates, how all components of the natural as well as of artificial radiation can be quantified in the dose rate range of the natural environmental radiation. For that purpose, several reference measuring sites are operated, which, inter alia, allow the characterisation of dose (rate) instruments. The only traceable calibration facility in the world, which provides photon fields at dose rates in the range of the natural environmental radiation, is run by this Working Group in the underground laboratory UDO II (in a depth of 430 m). In order to explore radiation fields, also in-situ measurements are performed. Novel spectrometers are investigated concerning their applicability in environmental radiation monitoring.

The Working Group conducts international intercomparisons of active and passive dosemeters, so that the measurements of government bodies and official institutions, which serve radiation protection, are tested and quality assured.

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  • Development of radiation measurement techniques for the radiological monitoring of the natural surrounding
  • Operation of reference measuring sites for natural terrestrial and secondary cosmic radiation, in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry
  • Dosimetry in the dose rate range of the natural environmental radiation
  • Operation of the underground laboratory UDO II in the esco salt mine for the investigation of dosemeters and spectrometers
pictures of the department's various measuring sites
Conduct of intercomparisons by using several measuring sites

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