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Photon Dosimetry

Working Group 6.31


The Working Group Photon Dosimetry operates 5 reference radiation facilities for the realization and dissemination of the phantom related measuring quantities (Hp(10), Hp(0.07), H*(10), H′(0.07)). Our tasks include calibration of secondary standards and handling all tasks in the field of radiation protection according to the verification ordinance, for example type testing (Module B).

Main research topics in the field of radiation protection dosimetry using photon radiation are the development of measurement instrumentation and the performance of non-routine dosimetry, like measurements in pulsed radiation fields. Our expertise is requested for national and international radiation protection courses.

International cooperation and committee work serves to standardize both the measuring instrumentation as well as the characterization of the necessary reference radiation fields.

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  • Co-operation in national and international standards committees
  • Co-operation in national and international committees, for example of SSK, EURADOS
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