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Type examinations of diagnostic dosimeters

Preliminary note:
General information about PTB’s Conformity Assessment Services are provided by the website of Opens external link in new windowPTB’s Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

Diagnostic dosimeters according to Section 1 of the Measures and Verification Ordinance (MVO).
Opens external link in new windowSector 4 of PTB’S CAB offers type examinations according to MVO Supplement 4 module B. Clients will find additional information on this website. Diagnostic dosimeters belong to the field of references of „Measuring Instruments for Radiation Protection“ and will be handled by the Working Group (WG) 6.25.

Conformity assessment procedures and technical specifications:
Those are determined by the so-called Opens external link in new windowRegelermittlungsausschuss according to § 46 of the Measures and Verification Act.

The following procedures and technical specifications are valid for diagnostic dosimeters:

  • Conformity assessment procedures: Modules B + F or B + D according to MVO Suppl. 4.
  • Basic requirements on measuring instruments according to MVO Suppl. 2.
  • Technical requirements according to IEC 61674 Ed.2:2012-11
  • Software requirements according to WELMEC Guide 7.2, Risk Class C

Orders must be made in writing preferably by use of the form provided by the
Opens external link in new windowSector 4 of PTB’s CAB ( Auftragsformblatt, in German only). An order can be written in German or English.

For the type examination costs please check PTB's currently valid Price List that can be found on the website Fees and Charges.