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HLT09 MetrExtRT
„Metrology for radiotherapy using complex radiation fields”

Working Group 6.25 has been involved in work package WP1 “Dosimetry in terms of absorbed dose to water for therapy with medium energy X-rays: traceability and standardization” and was a pilot laboratory for the following published comparison of primary standards for the absorbed dose to water:

„First international comparison of primary absorbed dose to water standards in the medium‑energy X‑ray range” (Opens external link in new windowLudwig Büermann et al 2016 Metrologia 53 06007, 27p)

15HLT05 PerfusImaging
“Metrology for multi-modality imaging of impaired tissue perfusion”

Working Group 6.25 is leading work package WP3 “Personalised dosimetry of CT perfusion imaging”.