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Calibration of secondary standards

Possible calibrations:

Measurand Symbol Unit Energy range Radiation qualities acc. to
Air kerma Ka Gy 10 kV - 300 kV
Cs-137, Co-60
ISO 4037, IEC 61267
Absorbed dose to water Dw Gy 10 kV - 300 kV DIN 6809-4
Air kerma-lenght product PKL Gy m 40 kV - 150 kV IEC 61267
Air kerma-area product PKA Gy m2 40 kV - 150 kV IEC 61267
Practical peak voltage Û V 20 kV - 150 kV

IEC 61267

Initiates file downloadDownload complete list of radiation qualities available for calibrations.

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Directions for clients:

Inquiries concerning calibrations
Clients address their inquiry (e.g. via e-mail) to the contact person listed below. The inquiry should specify the kind and the scope of the calibration(s) to be carried out (e.g. the desired Initiates file downloadradiation qualities and details of the dosemeter(s) to be calibrated. In response information will be provided on the time and estimated costs of the calibration and who should be contacted for further steps.

Procedure after acceptance of the calibration order
Once the order has been placed the customer will receive a confirmation and he should send the equipment to the person in charge at PTB, where the equipment will be calibrated in compliance with the specifications of the order. After calibration, the dosemeter will be returned to the customer together with a calibration certificate which states the calibration factor and its uncertainty as well as the reference and calibration conditions.

Calibration costs
The customer will be invoiced for the calibration costs in compliance with the "Kostenverordnung für Nutzleistungen der PTB" ("Regulations governing charges for services rendered by PTB). Average fees have been fixed for typical calibrations of dosemeters (the average fee currently valid for calibrations).

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