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Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Radiology

Department 6.2


Ionizing radiation in diagnostic and therapy, this includes in particular:

  • Realization and dissemination of the unit "gray" for the water absorbed dose for the photon and electron radiation used in external radiation therapy
  • Realization and dissemination of the unit "gray" for the dose quantity air kerma free-in-air for X- and gamma radiation
  • Development of dose measurement procedures and measurements technology for the quality assurance of dosimetry in the modern radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology
  • R&D for dosimetry for modern external radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology
  • Evaluation and optimization of radiation transport calculations and determination of physical fundamental data for dosimetry
  • Medical imaging: quantification of image quality depending on the diagnostic problem
  • Quality assurance for clinical dosimetry within the scope of the Medizinproduktegesetz
  • Type approval of dosemeters for diagnostic radiology in compliance with the Measures and Verification Act
  • Involvement in the drawing up of national and international recommendations and standards

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