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Handling of radioactive material

Handling of radioactive material is governed by the German Radiation Protection Act (Strahlenschutzgesetz) and the German Radiation Protection Ordinance (Strahlenschutzverordnung).

Radioactive material with activity values above the maximum permissible level may be delivered only if the receiver has a valid licence for handling these substances (Annex 4, table 1, column 2 of the Ordinance). When radioactive material handling of which requires a licence, is purchased for the first time, the orderer is requested to enclose to the order a copy of the respective licence. Please inform the PTB in good time also about any changes of, and supplements to, the licence.

If several radionuclides or a radionuclide mixture of known composition are purchased at the same time, the maximum permissible level is to be determined as the sum of the nuclide fractions. The maximum permissible level is reached when the sum of the ratios of activity and maximum permissible level of the individual radionuclides reaches the value 1.