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BetaDosim: Software for the interpolation of the dose rate due to the beta emission of radionuclides

Software description of the software

The software "BetaDosim" interpolates the dose rate per activity of plane radioactive sources located on a steel plate, see figure below. The output is the dose rate per activity due to the beta emission of a radionuclide with a given beta endpoint energy, Eß,max, a given source diameter, ddiam, and at a given distance from the source, rdist, with air between the source and the point of interest. The following parameter ranges are covered:

  •  0.157 MeV < Eß,max < 3.54 MeV
  • 0 cm < ddiam < 20000 cm
  • 0.01 m < rdist < 2.0 m

All results are valid for a beta emission probability of eß = 1.0. For radionuclides with eß ≠ 1.0, the results have to be multiplied with the respective value of eß. Further details are given in the user manual, see below.

Source geometry used for the simulations.


  • The software is a java application (suitable for all types of hardware on which java is installed) and is freely available for download here.
  • A user manual can be downloaded here.
  • Copyright for Betadosim