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Network project on metrology for advanced manufacturing started


The EU has identified “Advanced Manufacturing” as one of 6 key enabling technologies with diverse applications in various industrial sectors. In 2015, 2.1 million companies with around 30 million employees in the EU were assigned to the “Manufacturing” sector. For the next decade, major challenges are seen for the manufacturing sector through transformation processes, but also opportunities. Examples of this are e.g. increasing digitization, integrated manufacturing infrastructures (Industry 4.0), additive manufacturing technologies and the requirements of the EU's Green Deal. In order to be able to optimally use and continuously develop the potential of metrology for the upcoming developments in the field of advanced manufacturing, the network project "Support for a European Metrology Network on advanced manufacturing" was started in June 2020 (in short: AdvManuNet), which pursues the support and establishment of a European Metrology Network (EMN) [1] on the topic of Advanced Manufacturing [2, 3].

Specific issues in the manufacturing industry have already been dealt with in several projects funded by EMRP and EMPIR. The EURAMET website provides an overview, especially regarding the results of projects funded in the research calls for “Metrology for Industry” [4]. However, there is as yet no structure within EURAMET to particularly address the specific metrological issues of the manufacturing industry in Europe and thereby also lay the foundations for coordinated strategic planning (roadmap) in exchange with interest groups (stakeholder dialogue) from the manufacturing industry to develop the metrological infrastructure in the European metrology institutes to support advanced manufacturing. In the project, the know-how available in various EURAMET committees, such as TC-L, TC-T, etc., is therefore to be incorporated to support metrological issues for advanced manufacturing methods. Furthermore, an infrastructure is to be developed in the project in order to be able to specifically access the results of research projects (knowledge base) relevant for advanced manufacturing technologies, as well as to develop an offer for metrological education and training in topics relevant for advanced manufacturing, in particular as part of in-service training. In doing so, emphasis is placed on identifying gaps in the existing training offer and thus further developing the offer in a complementary manner. Ultimately, the project pursues the goal of developing the planned EMN on the subject of “Advanced Manufacturing” as the primary contact point for all metrologically relevant questions to support advanced manufacturing in Europe.

The network project AdvManuNet (19NET01) funded by EMPIR is being worked on by 11 project partners, coordinated by PTB and has a duration of 4 years.


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[4] www.euramet.org/metrology-for-societys-challenges/metrology-for-industry/



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