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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Calibration Services

Index of Calibration Services

Surface Metrology - Department 5.1
Depth setting standard, stiffness of micro force sensors, MEMS and AFM cantilever WG 5.11 
layer thickness, thickness of foils WG 5.13 
roughness standard, reference software roughness and groove depth WG 5.15 
hardness, hardness reference block, indenter, Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, Leeb, Shore, IRHD WG 5.12 

Dimensional Nanometrology - Department 5.2
Line scale, incremental length gauge, angle gauge block, prism, mirror polygon, straightedge, angle table, indexing table, rotary encoder, optical indexing head, autocollimator, inclinometer WG 5.21
Micro-structure via REM WG 5.21
Depth setting standard, AFM step height standard, line grating, cross grating WG 5.23

Coordinate Metrology - Department 5.3
ring, setting ring, sphere, reference sphere, hemisphere, roundness standard, cylinder, reference column, flick, magnification standard, multi-wave standard, hemisphere plate, form deviation, roundness, straightness, cylindricity, squareness, parallelism, diameter WG 5.31
Thread standard, gear standard, cyindrical gear WG 5.33
ball plate, ball bar, ball beam, CMM software, complex workpiece WG 5.35

Interferometry on Material Measures - Department 5.4
Line scale, tape, tape measure, measuring tape, range finder, laser range finder, electronic distance meter, laser distance gauge, laser distance meter, EDM, handheld distance meter, total station, laser interferometer, laser interferometer system, tachymeter, probe, wire-actuated encoder, traverse-band, triangulation measuring unit WG 5.42
block gauge, end gauge, gauge block, gage block WG 5.43
thermal expansion, long term stability, compressibility WG 5.43