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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Vacuum Coating

As a stand-alone technology but also as an important complement to the electroplating maintains the Scientific instrument manufacture a range of vacuum coating equipment, which operate by the PVD process. In existing systems, workpieces can be processed with a volume of up to 250x250x250 mm.

The vacuum coating surface technology in the working group does not consider itself in competition with the clean-room facility of the PTB equipment available on site. The latter is optimized for the processing on the wafers and can offer only a very limited type of layers or layer systems.

In the Working Group Surface Technology, however, can farewells a very extensive number of materials are. The technology is not limited to the coating of two-dimensional substrates. In addition, materials can be processed, which would contaminate the high purity arrive in the RRZ.

The combination of PVD process with plating techniques also allow the processing of substrates, which are not suitable due to their properties without a corresponding pretreatment for electroplating.

What do we offer?

- Plasma cleaning of surfaces

- Conditioning of surfaces

- Coating with metals and insulators

- Surface modification with Au or Pt

- Coating of cylindrical bodies using a special rotating device

- Deposits of material systems in-situ

- Co-sputtering of materials such as Ti-Al

- Reactive sputtering for the production of TiN or TiAlN coating 

- Internal coating

- Development and manufacture of specially adapted recordings for the job

In short, the full service for almost any situation coating


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Device for the internal coating of workpieces with very small inner diameter