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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Development of thin film sensors

In order to ensure industrial and research more precise and efficient production, it is no longer with ever increasing demands on form and dimensional accuracy and surface quality sufficient to merely assess the quality of the finished products. An optimal utilization of the tools used, can be mentioned in particular cutting tools, while guaranteeing the production of the best pieces, is only possible if the state of the editing tools in the current manufacturing process is continuous or quasi-continuous, can be monitored.

The Scientific Instrumentation works for this reason the development of sensors built into the tools which can provide qualified statements about the current state of wear of the tool. The use of tools in an extremely harsh environment makes this a special challenge at the location of the tool at the point of processing often experience high temperatures (cutting heat) and corrosive fluids (cooling lubricants) and electromagnetic interference (of the drives of machine tools) simultaneously. These environmental influences must be considered in the development of suitable sensors.



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