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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume


Working Group 5.51

Selection of measuring instruments and test facilities designed






Figure: Microwave measuring device for energy flow density measurement in electromagnetic fields





Figure: Apparatus for orientation of lattice planes in highly pure silicon single crystals







Figure: DUV-scatterometer






Figure: Extrapolation camber






Figure: Photon irradiation facility




Figure: Spherical interferometer







Figure: Luminous source test facility





Figure: High-purity water measuring cell








Figure: Inclinometer




Figure: Electropolishing








Figure: X-Ray tube tester




Figure: Vacuum chamber






Figure: Ultraprecision interferometer





Figure: Cylindrical Water calorimeter







Figure: Primary standard of the unit of air kerma




Figure: Piezo sample environment




Figure : TCAP scattering chamber





Figure: Magnetization measuring station




Figure : Sparking Test Station

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