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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Scientific Instrumentation

Department 5.5


In Scientific Instrumentation Measurement equipment and test facilities, which for the challenging tasks of the PTB laboratories or in the context of projects needs to be designed and manufactured. These devices are usually unique items that are not in their specifications available on the market in terms of precision and and long-term stability must meet the highest standards.

In addition, independent contract work is performed. These include Development and testing of new technologies to solve future tasks are required, such as the processing is difficult to machine materials (Eg silicon crystals or ceramic materials), production and manufacturing and technical surfaces
Assembly of micro parts.

To address these tasks are the latest production technologies used Increasingly, components and systems for computer-aided design (CAD and FEM), contract engineering and manufacturing (CAM) of the approximately 80 employees and trainees employed.

Test masses from
Spherical Interferometer
1-kg silicon sphere
diameter about 90 mm

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