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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Conformity of Length Measuring Machines

Working Group 5.45


Length measuring machines

In many cases, trade and industry make up accounts on the basis of length measurements or their combinations (area, volume) on commodities of the most different kind. In these cases, the measuring instruments must have been approved for verification or their conformity must have been certified in accordance with Directive 2004/22/EC. The testing and research activities of the Working group are focussed on these conformity assessments or approval procedures in accordance with the Verification Act for log wood and choirometers.

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At the moment there are no activities for research and development.

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Conformity assessment procedures

  • Examination for conformity assessment procedures of measuring equipment length and their combinations

    Type and design examinations
    according of Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) of:

    • Length measuring instruments according to
      Annex MI-009, Chapter II of the MID
      (e. g. cloth or cable measuring devices)

    • Area measuring instruments according to
      Annex MI-009, Chapter III of the MID
      (e. g. Measuring machines to measure of leather areas)
    • Multi-dimensional measuring instruments according to
      Annex MI-009, Chapter IV of the MID
      (e. g. Measuring devices for packages)

    • Material measures of length according to
      Annex MI-008, Chapter I of the MID
      (e. g. measuring tapes or folding rules)

    Baumuster- und Entwurfsprüfungen
    nach dem jeweils gültigen Mess- und Eichgesetz nach Anlage 4,
    Module B und G der Mess- und Eichverordnung:

    • Messkluppen
    • Messräder für Wegstrecken
    • Rundholzmessanlagen
    • Choirometern
    • Volumenmessgeräten für nichtflüssige Messgüter
    • Fotooptische Messgeräte zur Holzvermessung
    • Holzmessgeräte in Holzvollerntern (Harvester)
    • Längenmaße, elektronisch oder mit Software
    • Distanzmessgeräte
    • Totalstationen


    Opens window for sending emailDipl.-Ing. R. Mascherek,
      0531-592 5232

    Opens window for sending emailDipl.-Ing. (FH) O. Heuer
      0531-592 5236

    Opens window for sending emailH. Zimmermann
      0531-592 5237

    Opens window for sending emailDipl.-Ing.(FH) H. Wippich
      0531-592 5451


  • Consulting and assessment of laboratories as part of accreditation in the field length

          Opens window for sending emailDipl.-Ing. (FH) Ingo Lohse (Head of Working Group)
      0531-592 5450

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