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Measuring devices 5.31

Mahr MarForm MFU 110 WP

4-axis cylindrical shape measuring device with length measurement option (C, X, Y, Z)

  • combined centering / leveling turntable    
  • Measuring range: 190 mm (X) x 320mm (Z)
  • Contact and optical touch probes with nanometer resolution
  • Integrated metrology frame with automatic correction of deviations guide
  • Contact: Sabrina Koslowski and Dr. rer. nat. Otto Jusko



Mahr MarForm MFU 8-Retro PTB

4-axis cylindrical shape measuring device with Length measurement option (C, X, Y, Z)

  • combined centering / leveling turntable
  • Measuring range: 200 mm (X) x 500 mm (Z)
  • 1D and 2D Tactile touch probes with nanometer resolution
  • Plane mirror laser interferometer in Abbekonfiguration for length measurement and to position correction with envelope method
  • Contact: Sabrina Koslowski and Dr. rer. nat. Otto Jusko

Roundness measurement instrument 73

Zeiss F25

3D micro-CMM with tactile micro-probe

  • Scanning and single point probing measurement
  • Measurement volume:
    130 mm x 130 mm x 100 mm (x, y, z)
  • no Abbe error in the centre of the z-height
  • Zerodur scales with resolution 0.25 nm
  • Diameter of probing sphere 125 µm or 300 µm
  • Contact: Dr.-Ing. Michael Neugebauer


Typical measurement tasks:

  • Measurement of micro parts
  • High precision 3D measurements
  • Calibration of standards for micro CMMs and CT

Zeiss Prismo 7 ultra

Tactile coordinate measuring machine

  • Measurement volume: 900 mm × 1300 mm × 650 mm
  • Scanning and single point probing E0,MPE = (0.6 + L/500) µm
  • Equipped with high precision air-bearing rotary table
  • Contact: Helge Reimann and Dr. rer. nat. Otto Jusko

Measurement tasks:

  • Form- and position measurements
  • camshaft standards

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Measuring devices 5.32

Zeiss XENOS 9/15/7

Koordinatenmessgerät mit taktilem Antastsystem und Drehtisch

  • Einzelpunktantastung und Scanning
  • Messvolumen: 900 mm x 1300 mm x 700 mm
  • Messgeräte-Spezifikation:
    E0, MPE = 0,3 µm + L /1000, PFTU, MPE = 0,4 µm
  • Ansprechpartner: Norbert Gerwien und Dr. Daniel Heißelmann

Typische Messaufgaben:

  • Forschungsaufgaben
  • Sondermessungen

Reference Wall

Measuring facility for the characterization of mobile 3D measuring systems like laser trackers

  • Planar arrangement of calibrated lengths between 1.5 m and 12 m
  • Calibration uncertainty of single lengths U(k=2) <10 µm
  • Testing of the maximum permissible length measuring error following VDI 2617 Part 10 / ISO 10360-10
  • Possible measuring volume: 10 m x 6 m x 3 m
  • Contact: Dr. Daniel Heißelmann


  • Research
  • measuring service providers, manufacturer, universities

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Measuring devices 5.33

Klingelnberg P40

LEITZ PMM-G 50.40.20

Groß-Koordinatenmessgerät mit taktilem und optischen Antastsystem (SENMATION)

  • Messvolumen: 5000 mm × 4000 mm × 2000 mm
  • Aufstellung in klimatisierter Umgebung (20 °C ± 0.5 K)
  • Ausgerüstet mit Drehtisch und Lasertraceranschluss
  • Tasterwechselbank und SENMATION ermöglichen einen vollautomatischen Wechsel von Tastern und Tastsystemen
  • Ansprechpartner: B. Eng. Marlen Krause und
    Dr. rer. nat. Martin Stein

Typische Messaufgaben:

  • Große Getriebebauteile mit einem maximalen Durchmesser von 4000 mm und einer maximalen Masse von 15 t (3t bei Verwendung des Drehtisches)
  • Zahnräder
  • Lagerringe
  • Wellen

Zeiss UPMC 850

Tactile coordinate measuring machine

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Measuring devices 5.34

Werth VideoCheck HA 400

Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine equipped with Video-Sensor, chromatic distance sensor, tactile probe and tactile-optical probe

Typical measurement tasks:

  • Diameter and area of pinholes
  • Calibration of micro contour standards
  • Micro bore holes

Werth VideoCheck UA 400

Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine equipped with Video-Sensor, tactile probe and tactile-optical 2D- and 3D-probe

Typical measurement tasks:

  • Development of tactile-optical 3D-probe
  • Calibration of micro standards
  • Measurement of micro bore holes

Alicona InfiniteFocus G5

Surface-measuring stick, optical 3D measuring device based on focus variation

  • Rotate the table for the complete collection of components
  • Measuring volume: 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Coverage: 161 µm - 161 µm (100x objective)
    to 5.6
    mm x 5.6 mm (2.5 x
  • Contact: Astrid Linkogel and
    Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube

Zygo NewView 8200

White light interference microscope

Typical measurement tasks:

  • Measurement of step standards
  • Measurement of micro standards

CT-Anlage Nikon MCT 225

Industrial computed tomography scanner

  • X-ray tube: Umax = 225 kV,
    Reflection target: Pmax = 225 W
  • Flat panel detector: 2000 x 2000 pixel;
    Pixel size: 200 µm x 200 µm
  • Specified maximum permissible sphere distance error:
    E0:Sph MPE = (9 + L/50) µm (ϑ = 20°C ± 0.5 °C)
  • Max. size of measurement object: approx. 250 mm
  • Min. voxel edge length: approx. 2 µm
  • Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Markus Bartscher and
    Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube

Typical measurement tasks:

  • Acquisition of the complete geometry of plastic parts and small metal parts
  • Measurement of regular geometries and freeform surfaces
  • Measurement of internal geometries

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Measuring devices 5.35

LEITZ Infinity 12.10.7

Tactile coordinate measuring machines 

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Leitz PMM 866

 Tactile coordinate measuring machines 

  • Measurement volume: 800 mm × 600 mm × 600 mm
  • The measurement uncertainty is tasks-specifically determined after the method of the virtual CMM
  • One device is equipped with a laser measuring system in one measuring line (Abbe principle) 
  • Contact: Konrad Hierse and Astrid Linkogel