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R&D project

Virtual Measurement Process VMP – Transfer of the VCMM concept to additional Metrological Digital Twins within the CC VirtMet

Project duration

Start: November 2019
End:  October 2022

Project description

With raising demand for “virtual measurements” in measurement uncertainty estimation also the demand for uniform and systematic processes for the development of long-living and complex, though industry-ready simulation software increases. Within the competence center “Metrology for Virtual Measuring Instruments” (Opens external link in new windowVirtMet), PTB addresses these issues in collaboration with various projects from different metrological fields.

We regard the well-established and pioneering “Virtual Coordinate Measuring Machine” VCMM as suitable reference application. The VCMM is used to determine the task-specific measurement uncertainty through a virtual representation of the measurement process by a Monte Carlo Simulation. As part of VirtMet, the VCMM principles will be generalized and the experience will be transferred to allow for further applications in the industrial environment.

A software library comprising the components required to successfully build a reliable simulation software will be crated and tested in selected applications. In a first step, the method will be transferred to the “Virtual Planck Balance” (VPB). In a second step, the software library will successively be generalized to enable the implementation of additional virtual measurement instruments.

Project partners

PSt 1 “Coordination Digitalization”, WG 1.15 „Metrology in Weighing Technology“, WG 4.24 „Asphere Metrology“


Ivan Poroskun and Dr. Daniel Heißelmann