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R&D project

Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry (AdvanCT)

Project period

Start: June 2018
End:    November 2021

Project description

The main goals of the project are precise, fast and traceable measurements of object geometry and surface roughness using industrial computed topography, and their application in industry.

The aims of the project are:

  • To develop traceable and validated methods for absolute CT characterisation including the correction of geometry errors in 9 degrees of freedom (DoF). This will include the development of reference standards, traceable calibration methods and thermal models for instrument geometry correction, as well as the correction of errors originating in the X ray tube and the detector in order to improve CT accuracy.
  • To develop improved and traceable methods for dimensional CT measurements with a focus on measurements of freeform surfaces, roughness, and multi material effects including supplementary material characterisation. - To develop fast CT methods for inline applications based on improved evaluation of noisy, sparse, few, or limited angle X ray projections. This will be done using reduced number of projections from well known directions and includes enhanced post processing and reconstruction.

  • To develop traceable methods for uncertainty estimation using virtual CT models and Monte Carlo simulations. To this end, batch simulation and evaluation capacities will be improved. The determination of accurate model parameters is necessary for a reliable uncertainty estimation and will therefore be performed for different CTs and be systematised. Corrections for several artefacts will be developed. The uncertainty will be estimated by Monte Carlo based simulation and verified using calibrated standards.

The three-year project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the “European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research” (EMPIR) and coordinated by PTB.

More information can be found at: www.euramet.org/research-innovation/search-research-projects/details/ and on the project webpage: www.ptb.de/empir2018/advanct/home/

Project partners

BAM, Germany; DTI, Denmark; FSB, Croatia; LNE, France; METAS, Switzerland; NPL, United Kingdom; VTT, Finland; CEA, France; EMPA, Switzerland; Friedrich Alexander University, Germany; University of Bath, United Kingdom; University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; University of Southampton, United Kingdom; Bosch, Germany; LEGO, Denmark; NovoNordisk, Denmark; Volume Graphics, Germany; WERTH, Germany; YXLON, Germany, ZEISS, Germany


Dr.-Ing. U. Neuschaefer-Rube, Josef Frese