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Multisensor-Coordinate Metrology

Working Group 5.34


In coordinate metrology, multisensor measurements are increasingly carried out to ascertain the geometry of the work piece as complete as possible and with small measurement uncertainty. Measurement data of the work piece achieved with different sensors are combined to a multisensor data set. Optical sensors play an important role in this field. They measure fast and contactless and are particularly suited for object with elastic and damageable surfaces and for microparts. Furthermore, area-based optical measurements yield more information about the object than tactile measurement points. For a few years, computed tomography (CT) systems have already been used in industry for dimensional measurements. This contactless measurement technique ascertains the complete geometry of the work piece including inner geometries, with high density of the measurement points.
The working group develops artefacts and procedures to test tactile and optical sensors as well as CT-measurement systems. It is involved in the preparation of national and international standards and guidelines.

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  • Consultation prior to accreditation (e.g. by DAkkS) of calibration laboratories
  • CMM Software test, Chebyshev reference algorithms

The complete Service (extract QMH Division 5) here.

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