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Coordinate Measuring Machines

Working Group 5.32


Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an essential part of quality assurance for any kind of production, e.g. the manufacturing of automobiles and in aeronautical engineering and space technology. Measuring instruments must work with the accuracy and reliability required for the fulfilment of their respective tasks. Periodical checks of this accuracy and reliability are prescribed by the relevant standards for quality management systems. PTB's Coordinate Measuring Systems group supports industry by developing commercially efficient, yet sufficiently exact standards and procedures for checks of CMMs and by calibrating measurement standards for industry. Furthermore, the group is devoted to the development and improvement of metrological digital twins, such as the Virtual Coordinate Measurement Machine VCMM, to provide the necessary tools for uncertainty evaluation in an increasingly digitalized industry, economy, and society.

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  • Calibration of ball and hole plates up to (960x960) mm2
  • Consultation prior to accreditation (e.g. by DAkkS) of calibration laboratories
  • CMM Software test, Chebyshev reference algorithms

The complete Service (extract QMH Division 5) here.

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