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R&D project

Traceable in-process dimensional measurement - TIM

Period of the project

Start: June 2013
End:  May 2016

Description of the project

Within the scope of the „European Metrology Research Programme“ (EMRP) PTB develops in collaboration with other European metrology institutes and research institutions as well as several industrial partners methods and procedures for the traceability of dimensional measurements on metal-cutting machine tools. The objective is to improve the manufacturing quality of complex workpieces by measurements directly on the machine tool without having to unclamp the machined part. The challenge is the assessment and correction of a variety of different error sources such as e. g. kinematic and thermo-mechanical deviations of the machine tool’s geometry under harsh environmental conditions. In order to assess and correct different error sources one-, two-, and three-dimensional material standards for various application and verification purposes are developed. These material standards are for example manufactured from thermo-invariant material to reliably assess temperature-induced measurement errors also under shop floor conditions, or they are so-called multi-functional material standards for the analysis of different task-specific measurement errors. To simplify and speed up testing processes under harsh environmental conditions a mobile chamber is developed aimed to fast and simply expose machine tools on site to varying environmental conditions in order to analyze their influence on the manufacturing and measurement accuracy of machine tools.

For further information please visit: http://www.ptb.de/emrp/tim.html