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R&D project

Task-specific monitoring of industrial computed tomography measurements (CT-ÜW)

Project period

Start: January 2016
End:  December 2017

Project description

In addition to its use in medical diagnostics, computed tomography (CT) is increasingly being applied also for material research and analysis in industrial contexts. To ensure that measurements obtained with CT are accurate, it is important to monitor CT systems appropriately. However, the monitoring techniques currently in use are not sufficiently specific to the measurement task that is performed with the CT systems.

Therefore, the goal of the project is to develop and implement a task-specific monitoring technique for industrial CT. This improved monitoring should allow detecting error conditions of CT systems earlier and more reliably than currently

Dataset with high noise component

Dataset with low noise component

Das Projekt wird durch das Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) im Rahmen der Maßnahme KMU-innovativ gefördert.


Project partner

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Dr. M. Bartscher and Dr. T. Schönfeld


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