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R&D project

Online correction of coordinate measuring machines using compensation of the refractive index of air - MNPQ

Period of the project

Start: March 2015
End:  February 2019

Description of the project

Today’s requirements for modern coordinate measurement machines (CMM) increased with respect to their accuracy in the range of sub-micrometers along with growing measurement volumes. Therefore, the PTB performs research to significantly improve the development of interferometric measurement techniques for industrial applications capable of simultaneously compensating the errors of all six degrees of freedom of linear motions of CMMs.

We currently develop a compact and rugged setup to determine and compensate the geometric errors of large-scaled CMMs using laser interferometry, while accounting for fluctuations of the air refractive index.

One of the project’s goals is to set up a multi-axial demonstrator and determine the achievable measurement uncertainties in verification measurements.

Project partner

Opens external link in new windowSIOS Messtechnik GmbH, Opens external link in new windowHexagon Metrology GmbH, Opens external link in new windowFeinmess GmbH & Co. KG and Opens external link in new windowTEM Messtechnik.