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R&D project

National comparison with large gear measurement standard

Period of the project

Start: September 2012
End:  December 2013

Description of the project

Within the scope of a measurement comparison for the quantification and validation of gear measurements, the large gear measurement standard, which has been developed at PTB, will be used directly in industry. Many participants, among them calibration laboratories and manufacturers of measuring instruments, will measure the large gear standard on different measuring instruments. All results will be evaluated by PTB, whereby the PTB calibration will serve as reference.

The special design as only a segment of a complete gear allows the standard to embody a large gear of 1 m in diameter which can, however, still be calibrated on the established measuring devices at PTB. On the standard, both profile and helix measurements can be performed. Different helix angles and hands allow the standard to be universally used. A counterweight and a base frame, which both can be used optionally, allow measurements with a rotary table to be carried out.

The embodiment of three different involute gears allows a comprehensive assessment of the processes. An essential advantage for industrial use is the design of the large gear standard which is similar to a workpiece. This allows high-precision measurements on gear and coordinates measuring machines to be performed with standing or rotating gear. The compact form, transport hooks and a statically determined three-point support offer simple transportability and handling. The solid construction minimizes elastic deformations.

Figure 1: Large gear measurement standard

Project partners

In the measurement comparison, a great number of well-known industrial representatives participate.


Dr.-Ing. Karin Kniel and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Achim Wedmann