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R&D project

METROSION - Metrology to Enable High Temperature Erosion Testing

Period of the project

Start: Juni 2013
End:   Mai 2016

Project description

The object of the project is the quantification of high temperature erosion by abrasive particles occurring, e.g., in the turbines of power plants.

To better understand the erosion process and to reduce erosion, it is necessary to measure size, form, temperature and velocity of the particles. Currently, typical errors of such measurements are in the order of 20 % - 30 %.

Main goals of the project are:

  • Improvement of the systems for erosion tests
  • Improved measurement of wear mechanisms and erosion
  • In-situ and online measurement of particle mass and erosion rate
  • Improved control and measurement of test parameters, e.g. of temperature and particle velocity
  • Development of a forward-looking modeling for different materials.

Task of PTB in the project are ex-situ reference measurements of eroded volume, particle form and particle size. For this purpose optical sensors and CT is applied.
The three-year project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the „European Metrology Research Programme“ (EMRP)

More information can be found at: http://www.euramet.org/fileadmin/docs/EMRP/JRP/JRP_Summaries_2012/Industry_JRPs/IND61_Publishable_JRP_Summary.pdf

and on the project webpage: http://projects.npl.co.uk/metrosion/

Project partners

NPL, UK (coordinator); CMI, Czech Republic; DTU, Denmark; PTB, Germany; Cranfield University, UK; Ricerca Sui Sistema Energetico Spa, Italy



Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube