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R&D project

International Network for the Training of Early stage Researchers on Advanced Quality control by Computed Tomography (INTERAQCT)

Duration of the project

Start: March 2014

End:   February 2017

Description of the project

The INTERAQCT project – an EU funded Marie Curie project – targets the improvement of the reliability of measurement results obtained with industrial computed tomography (CT), by achieving or improving metrological traceability. In addition, innovative CT based quality control loops will be investigated for key manufacturing technologies.

PTB is working within the framework of the INTERAQCT project on the creation of an new acceptance testing for specifying the performance of state of the art CT systems when dimensional measuring multi-material workpieces. The work is based on the procedures defined in the well-established series of standards and guidelines ISO 10360, VDI/VDE 2617 and VDI/VDE 2630, which describe tests using mono-material reference standards. For that, PTB is working at:

  • Creation or adaption of testing principles and procedures,
  • Description of multi-material specifications,
  • Development of novel multi-material reference standards,
  • Verification and validation of results.

For this, length and form measurements of reference standards made of at least two different materials are performed.

The consortium of the international EU Marie Curie INTERAQCT project (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN, grant No.: 607817) consists of 6 academic partners, 3 industrial partners and 2 national metrology institutes and as well as 7 associated industrial partners; see http:\\www.interaqct.eu. The project will end in 2017.


Project partners


Fabrício Borges de Oliveira, Markus Bartscher