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R&D project

Installing a Competence Center “WIND” to enhance metrology for the increase in efficiency of Wind Energy Systems (WIND)

Project period

Start: January 2016
End:  June 2021


Description of the project

The project aims at the development and installation of a metrological infrastructure for sustainable support of wind energy industry. This will be enabled by the development of new measurement systems, measurement standards as well as measurement and test processes. The project is divided into three fields:

“Geometrical metrology”, “Large torques” and “Wind velocity”.

Figure 1: Sketch of Competence Center WIND

The work on “Geometrical metrology” is settled in department 5.3 “Coordinate Metrology”. For the first time, large-scaled workpieces (> 1 m³) shall be measured traceable in high precision. Large drivetrain components of wind energy systems are of special interest.

Acquisition and installation of a large coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a measurement volume of 5 m x 4 m x 2 m will form the basis for measurements and traceability of large-scaled workpieces. The extension of PTB’s calibration service and the establishment of DAkkS-accredited laboratories are further goals of the project.

Project partner

Collaboration with divisions 1.2 „Solid Mechanics“ and 1.4 „Gas Flow“ of PTB


Dipl.-Phys. Eva Katharina Rafeld and Dr.-Ing. Karin Kniel