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Coordinate Metrology

Department 5.3


The task of this department is an industry-oriented dissemination of the SI-unit “meter” in the field of dimensional 3D-metrology. With the goal of ensuring traceability and enhancing accuracy, the department develops measurement methods, facilities and standards focused on geometrical standards, coordinate measuring systems, gears and threads and multisensor coordinate metrology. In addition, the department offers 3D calibrations for respective measurement standards as service.

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Measuring devicesMeasuring devices


  • Calibration of ball and hole plates up to (960x960) mm2
  • Calibration of other reference objects
  • Calibration of cylindrical and spherical standards
  • Calibration of  gear and thread standards
  • Consultation prior to accreditation (e.g. by DAkkS) of calibration laboratories
  • CMM Software test, Chebyshev reference algorithms

The complete Service (extract QMH Division 5) here.