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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume


Survey Task 6.1 "Metrology standards"

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The aim of this survey is to investigate and identify the essential demands on metrology standards with consortium partners, particularly the industrial partners. Based on the results of the survey, a consensus on the demanding priority of documentary standards can be drawn, and thus guiding the future documentary standardization work. Therefore, please take a few minutes to finish this survey.

The survey can be finished anonymously. However, we would be appreciated if you could leave your contact info for further discussion:

3.The name of your affiliation:
4.Email address:

You may multiple select the given options for the questionnaires, or none of them, or leave your own comments.

It will take approximately 15~30 minutes to complete the survey. Thanks you for your contributions!

Contact: Dr. Gaoliang Dai, Gaoliang.dai@ptb.de, Tel: +49 531 5127