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Production sequence of Si-spheres and interferometrical determination of the sphere volume

Calibration Services

We offer routine calibration services on step heights/depth setting standards, pitch of 1D/2D gratings, 3D nanoscale standards, feature width, sidewall angle, line edge roughness, sidewall profile etc.

*) achievable measurement uncertainty strongly depends on the quality of the customer sample.


How to request nanoscale calibration services at PTB?


A typical work flow of a calibration service is given as below:

* The customer should delivere detailed info about sample to PTB for preparing an offer, as detailed below.
Figure 1. Typical work flow of a calibration service.

Customers should provide the following detailed info for a calibration request.

  • Measurement tasks (i.e. parameters to be measured)
  • Sample size
  • Sample manufacturer
  • Material of the sample and structure
  • Layout
  • Mark for identifying the orientation of the sample
  • Sample status (e.g. contamination)
  • Sample mounting
  • Measurement positions
  • Targeted measurement uncertainty

We suggest that our customer provides detailed drawing(s) to illustrate clearly the Layout and measurement positions of the sample.

To send a calibration request, please email Opens window for sending emailMr. Frank Pohlenz (Frank.Pohlenz@ptb.de, Tel +49 531 5925142).