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Measuring and calibrations methods

Department 5.1

Measurement and calibration capabilities

Picture 1 shows the calibration chain in the case of roughness measurement.



Traceable measurement techniques for surface characteristics are the basis for a concomitant quality assurance in research, development and production. In addition, a strong linkage of dimensional properties with other physical and chemical properties is characteristic, in particular, for micro-system technology and nanotechnology.

The "Surface Metrology" Department regards it as its goal to develop and improve measuring instruments and procedures for measurements on surfaces of micro-system technology, nanotechnology and general metrology (roughness, hardness and layer thickness metrology, etc.) in order to safely achieve smaller measurement uncertainties. For the dissemination of dimensional quantities to DAkks and industry, this also comprises the development and calibration of standards.
The Department participates in the redefinition of the Avogadro constant and is involved in a series of national and international research projects.